Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ashara 1431, Days 7 - 8

On Sunday, 7th Moharram Raat/December 22nd, Shabbir Bhaisaheb presided over the majlis. One of the themes of today’s Waaz was Moulatena Fatema (AS). Some points from the Waaz are below:

--Imam Jafar-us-Sadiq (AS) farmayu that Rasulallah (SAW) farmayu, “On Qayamat no din I will give a khutba (sermon). This will be a great khutba, unlike any that a nabi has given before. Moulana Ali (AS) will also give a khutba, unlike any that any wasi has given before. Mumineen will then be asked to bow their heads as Moulatena Fatema (AS) passes. 100,000 farishta will be in front of her, 100,000 behind her, 100,000 on her right, 100,000 on her left, and 100,000 will allow her to walk upon their wings.
--She will reach the doors of Jannat and look back, at which point Khuda (TA) will ask Moulatena Fatema (AS) to bring back any Mumineen who have been left behind. Moulatena Fatema (AS) will pick the good Mumineen out and bring them to the doors of Jannat.
--On Qayamat no din, your Dai will not enter Jannat without you. Aqa Moula (TUS) farmayu, “Khuda na qasam. I have kept you with me in this duniya. How can I forget you on Qayamat? I will tell Moulatena Fatema (AS) that these Mumin shed not only tears of water, but also tears of blood for your son, Husain (AS).”
--Imam Jafar-us-Sadiq’s (AS) dushman, Abud Dawani (LA), killed over 100,000 Mumineen. He called Imam Jafar (AS) into his lair to kill him, but when Imam Jafar (AS) entered, Abud Dawani (LA) sat Imam Jafar (AS) in his throne and asked if he needed anything. Imam Jafar (AS) replied that he didn’t need anything, and he left. Later, Abud Dawani (LA) said that when Imam Jafar (AS) entered, Abud Dawani (LA) saw a huge snake that said, “If you kill this Imam, I will eat you and your throne.”

In his bayaan, Aqa Moula (TUS) farmayu:
--Takhiyah is an important component of our Deen , It has to be regarded strictly , but there should not be takhiyah for the following 3 aspects
-----to smoke or use tobacco in any form
-----To not say Bismillah during namaz
-----To not perform Maseh on socks during (while performing wudu)

The Waaz ended with Shahadat of Moulatena Fatema (AS).

On Monday, 8th Moharram Raat/December 23rd, Shabbir Bhaisaheb presided over the majlis. Some points from the Waaz are below:

--On Qayamat no din, Rasulallah (SAW) will wake everyone from their graves. The faces of Mumineen will be roshan.
--When a Mumin makes Aqa Moula’s (TUS) dil khush, and Aqa Moula (TUS) sheds tears of joy, that Mumin’s dil becomes like a pearl. When a Mumin is fida for Aqa Moula (TUS), his jaan becomes paak.
--There are four ways to do fida for Aqa Moula (TUS):
--To do fida, you need to have mohabbat for Moulana Husain (AS). To do matam for Moulana Husain (AS) is to do fida. To cry or mourn for Moulana Husain (AS) is also fida.
--Syedna Taher Saifuddin (AQ) performed fida for Moulana Husain (AS) when he wrote the marasiya, Ya Syeda Shoha-dai, in Moulana’s Husain’s (AS) shaan. Aqa Moula (TUS) performed fida for Moulana Husain (AS) when he wrote the new marasiya, Fulkul Husain be Karbala.
--Moulana Husain (AS) was martyred when the other Panjatan Pak (AS) were no longer alive. Moulatena Fatema (AS) learned that this would happen and asked Rasulallah (SAW) who would mourn her son, and Rasuallah (SAW) farmayu that Khuda (TA) would create a jamaat to mourn Moulana Husain (AS) and do his matam. That jamaat is us, we Mumineen.

The Waaz ended with Shahadat of Moulana Abdullah (AS) and Moulana Husain (AS).